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Reasons to Choose Us over Other Garlic Supplier in the Industry

Do you search for the right place to purchase garlic online? Would you like to place a bulk garlic order at a competitive price? Are you searching for the best garlic supplier who provides all sorts of garlic in the market? Well, you have come up to the right place. You can ask us why you do prefer us instead of others. Continue to read to know the reasons and benefits of choosing us over others in the industry.

About us:

In the industry, we are one of the leading and professional garlic exporter and producer. Our factory is located in various places to provide the best-in-class service to the customers. We have rich experience and knowledge in growing, harvesting, choosing, packaging, transporting, and even exporting. Thus, we can able to offer top quality garlic’s at a competitive price to your customers with the fast delivery.

Reasons to sustain as the leading garlic supplier in the industry:

Benefits of buying our garlic:

With us, you can buy freshly sourced garlic that is highly nutritious and renders strong aroma. Thus, you can gain plenty of health benefits from our garlic. We can deliver your order soon even if it is kg or gram. You can access garlic from 100-gram small net bag to mesh or carton. By consuming our garlic, you can stay away from cancer. Our products retain all its nutritional benefits even after processing and packaging because we do not add any chemicals and other things. Moreover, you can buy various garlic at a cost-effective price. Buy from

About us

Jining Fenduni Foodstuff Co., Ltd. is established in 2005, which is a professional garlic producer and exporter. The factory is located in Jinxing County (The hometown of Chinese Garlic), Jining City, Shandong Province, China. We have rich experience in growing, harvesting, selecting, processing, packing, refrigerating, transporting, and exporting. So we are able to...

Reasons to Sustain As the Best Garlic Supplier in the Market

One of the well-known herbs used universally around the world is Garlic. According to the Ayurveda texts, Lasuna has its origins, and it is called Allium Sativum medically. Garlic is a very potent hypolipidemic agent and 100 percent remedial measure for controlling cholesterol. Besides, many health benefits associated with it.  Nowadays, lots of red garlic supplier available in China among those we are leading in the market through our brand quality and reasonable price.  Apart from this, plenty of reasons and benefits make us still ruling the industry.

About our company:

Our company is established in 2005 under the name of Jining Fenduni Foodstuff Co. Ltd. We are the professional garlic producer as well as an exporter. Our factory is located in the hometown of Chinese Garlic (Jixing Country), Shandong Province, China. Our firm has strong experience in growing, harvesting, choosing, processing, refining, packing, refrigerating and transporting as well as exporting. Therefore, we give our customers top quality china garlic’s at the competitive price along with fast delivery too. 

Reasons to rule the garlic industry:

Benefits of our products:

Our freshly sourced china garlic is highly nutritious and gives strong aroma. There is a famous saying that a clove of garlic a day keeps cancer away. Our range of garlic retains all the nutritional benefits of the fresh garlic even after processing and packaging done. We offer different kinds of fresh garlic that available in cost effective prices.

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